February 16, 2019

Mess Tin is a cooking utensil that cooks rice, but I am good at boiling noodles. So I decided to make Udon this time. It is 15 kinds of meat udon contained in the simmered No.3 of IJA Army cooking method. Udon is a noodle, but it is classified as a simmered in IJA Army cooking method. In addition, it is written "hot food supply". It seems that I will be paid when I am cold.

With this one person
For Mess Tin it's easy to make about two people

Beef 40 g
Onion 150g
Dried udon 50g
Slightly salt
Carrots 20 g
Flour 10 g
Lard 8 g
a) Shred the beef.
b) Carrots cut woods, onions are cut vertically, and cut into wooden doors.
c) Fold the dried udon to about 10 cm, boil, immerse it in cold water, keep the water off.
d) Make flour with lard in flour.
Boil the lard in a pot, stir-fry beef, ginseng, stir-fry, add water and boil, heat onion, turn onions when it becomes soft, season with sugar, salt, put udon when boiled, dissolve roux with broth Put it in a pot, stir and stir a little.

Boil the Udon
Udon is dried noodles in recipe, but raw noodles are OK. In this case we use 80 g. This time it is dry noodle so it is 50 g. By the way, it is natural to boil dry noodles, but in the case of raw noodles it was not written as something. In the case of raw noodles, it may be good to dissolve with water quickly.

First of all, the water is boiled with plenty of hot water
Thinking about simmering later, I made it rather rigid

Leave Udon open and tighten with water

Preparation of ingredients
I think that it is unusual for Udon to use carrots and onions, regardless of beef, regardless of their characteristics. Stir fry and carrots, boil onion. Even more rare is to make roux with flour and lard. Unlike in the case of curry juice, in this case do not stir flour, knead the flour with lard and make it like clay.

Shred the meat
I cut carrots and onions according to the recipe
I sliced it slightly to make it easy for heat to pass quickly

First I will boil Lard to Mess Tin

I will fry beef and carrots

The amount not written in the recipe

After stir-frying beef and carrots, water is poured and simmered, but the amount of this water is not written. I think that it is a feature of the military cooking law, but there are many recipes that surprisingly the amount of water is not written. If it is too much, it will be thin, and if it is not enough, you will lack juice. Is it that it is a good feeling?
After this, it is written that it will be seasoned with sugar and salt, but this amount is not written. It is a rare way to taste with sugar and salt, but I thought it would be better to taste it according to taste after making it taste because it can not be restored to its original if it is too thick.

Next I put water and simmer, but the amount is not written by example
Since it becomes thinner if it is too much, I made it to the water line of the bottom

I will take the lye

Put onion and simmer

I'm adjusting the taste here with sugar and salt
This amount is not written yet
Anyway, I took both sugar and salt

I feel a good feeling I will put Udon when the onion is clear

I will add juice to roux here and melt it

Toni arrived by putting roux
Completion is a little stewed

Light taste
Because I do not use this udon, noodles tsuyu, in that sense it is not like Udon. I think that the amount of sugar and salt was probably small, but the taste of beef appeared on the whole surface. Rather than udon, I feel I boiled it by putting Udon in stir-fried vegetables and putting a juice with a tiger.
Because it is for hot food supply, it is Udon with pretty good taste, so I think that the body will warm up.

Because the seasoning is sugar and salt, it is a very plain taste

I tried soy sauce, it was delicious

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