September 23, 2009

The original text of this article is written in Japanese and it is translated directly in Google translation.
It is a record that I took at the "Best Riding Technique School" hosted by Akira Watanabe of the Motocross World Championship GP 125cc Class Champion in 1978.

Continued from yesterday. Other students raised, only I remained. It became a school with one on one man. In other words, it means that you can have it tastefully learned what you learned yesterday. Thanks to the boarded trumpo, sleep is also perfect (if you change mat, it's more patchy). I woke up fine.

Review of cornering posture
First of all, warm up and review at the South course. As I told you yesterday, put your waist outside the seat ... .... However, Mr. Watanabe made no mistake. He says, "I am not sitting at all, I'm sitting in front of the car body, the difference in the inner ring is big." Then revisit your posture.
The thing I felt was that to make the waist feel like putting it out of the seat, it was not to be twisted if there was no consciousness to twist the upper body to the angle almost perpendicular to the seat. What I was doing so far is just being twisted slightly, and I just slide my waist sideways. At this point the body will not sleep first. As always, I will turn my body in the direction I am going. That is important, and for that reason it is about just taking a bit of over-action.
However, even with this twisted body, the "twisting sensation" got to grasp the car body more and more, the rear wheels passed after the front wheels, the difference in the inner ring became smaller, the cornering gradually became easier It was.
When the cornering became better, the operation of two lines became doubtful this time. So, as in the case of the trail, I was instructed not to turn the accelerator, especially after sitting down. Turning the accelerator makes it easier for the engine to stall when the rotation falls. Also, even if you have to turn the accelerator, I was told slowly to return the accelerator. And, as I learned before, I fix the accelerator at about 4 mm opening, slowly meet the clutch and gradually open it. By conscious of it, it prevented the engine from stalling and it started to be able to stand up smoothly.

It is finally becoming something
I plan to twist it about 90 degrees, but it is about 30 degrees from the end
If you do not enlarge it, you can not do it properly

Posture to withstand acceleration G
In the end of yesterday's school, I felt that I took the cornering posture greatly outward, twisting back my upper body and enduring acceleration, but I learned what kind of theory this is the first time It was.
First of all, when you sit right in the chair, it is difficult to bend forward, and on the contrary it tends to fall down behind. However, when twisting your waist and sitting only on the upper body toward the front, you can easily bend forward, but it is difficult to fall down behind.
That is, at the time of cornering, when the body is seated in the front-facing state and accelerated as it is, even if taking an acceleration posture (actually, since it is in a posture that is difficult to be bent forward, it has a sufficient acceleration posture It is a state that it is likely to fall down behind it, so it is going to be left in acceleration. And because we are not going to accelerate, I will cling to the clip and I can not open it anymore. And, once you receive the acceleration G, you will continue to receive until you relax the accelerator, so you will have to withstand G while accelerating.
So, first put the waist out of the seat enough, twisted the upper body enough so that the shoulder of the out side did not fall off, trying to sit around the middle of the thigh, when starting to rise from the corner, the balance shaft of the chest When I shoulder the shoulder back to the front with the axis as the axis, I felt it was easy to lean forward, I could not leave my body even when accelerating, I can also free the right hand operating the accelerator .
Even at the stage of yesterday, I got to be able to tolerate acceleration considerably just by entering somewhat, but today I became able to withstand more powerfully.

I am twisting my upper body
It is easier to lean forward, making it easier to withstand acceleration G

Unknown acceleration feeling
Where the attitude to withstand acceleration is known, in the afternoon it is an elementary intermediate level course, practicing to feel "acceleration feeling".
First of all, it is an elementary course. In the posture of the jump, when lowering the jump, the lower body presses the rear, so that the upper body tilts forward when opening the accelerator (also learned before but also forgotten before), how to open the accelerator I was instructed to do it momentarily, trying to lift the accelerator momentarily when the rear landing on the front landing. In the XR 250, it is too late to open the accelerator even if it is replaced with a high throttle, but it will not come easy to open it, but as expected it will come with a motocrosser, if it opens suddenly it will come with Dokkan, so a small accelerator work will respond quickly I will. To put it another way, it was hard for me to understand that the first operation was to open and return "Bat", which I do not understand.
Then I moved to intermediate level. In this case, we straightened the straight line from the bank in front to the corner on the far side with full throttle anyway. First of all, since the timing to accelerate by now is slow, I was conscious of starting to accelerate while passing through the bank, accelerating by meeting the clutch at the same time as the rise, the accelerator fully opened when entering a straight line.
However, this is an acceleration feeling never experienced before. Since I am in posture, it is no longer going to put my body to acceleration, but there is no doubt that strong acceleration G is hanging on my body. In addition, the field of vision is considerably narrowed, and the front landscape is approaching the cancer. However, to endure such acceleration feeling, getting used to is like the first step of getting on the motocrosser. Also, if you learn how to accelerate this, it is going to be early as a result of trying a similar ride in a trail car.

Back view in bank
I fixed the habit of sitting behind the seat and sitting in front
If it is too early to sit down, you will be seated behind

Fatigue with acceleration feeling
That said, although we are running several times, the body is getting tired of don Don. After all, it seems that the intense acceleration feeling of the motocrosser was quite shocked to the body that did not slowly accelerate in the trail bike.
At the same time as becoming tired, the way of passing through the bank became sweeter, the way the jump flew away became disappointing, roughness became prominent. Especially, it is not possible to jump instantaneously how to open the accelerator. As Mr. Watanabe says, since Cobb is bigger than beginner, the distance traveling on the slope is also long. There seems to be various places where accelerator work is not yet gaining a sense.
After the break, I continued practicing with an intermediate course, but I was tired so much, and I could stop myself for a few times after the legs of my thumb and forefinger of my left hand were covered with beans. Even with my previous school, I often healed, but this time it was exceptional.
Instead, whether the new feeling of acceleration was included in the body as data, even while moving from the paddock to the course, suddenly suffered a deceleration G during acceleration, and vice versa. There were lots of things, but after this school, that has become less. Also, before opening the accelerator, it seems that "getting ready" was prepared as a slight habit in preparation for acceleration.

When coming so far, I do not care about such as class, stamp, etc.
How will you be able to do what you are told, how to approach your teacher's driving
Interest has shifted to such things

Akira Watanabe's model run for school students

Original article (Japanese)

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